After going through this course you will:

- Be able to navigate the system like a pro.
even if you’re starting at zero!

- Be able to sketch both roofs AND interior rooms with ease.
Even if you’ve tried in the past and you’re just not getting faster.

- Know how to properly mount and label your photos.
even if you have no idea what “mount” means!
Hint: It's not what you're thinking. 

- Be able to estimate the damages quickly using both methods.
(Yes there are two ways to skin this cat)

- Be able to write a killer report that justifies your estimate.
(Remember, you can get away with murder, if you can explain why he needed killin’)

- Learn how to package it all up and get it out of your hands.
(This is what pays the bills)
For a limited time, We’re offering LIFETIME access to this course for $297. Why? Because we’re sick of seeing all the garbage out there that is leading new adjusters like you astray. You deserve this career just as much as anyone else. 
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